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Automation Meets Practice Management
By Neil J. Squillante
February 19, 2014
any law firms have mo-
“Synergy Matters
re than enough work
the result
but not enough profits
of eight years
to show for it. Two
working with law
solutions exist. You could raise
firms and refining
rates and receive push back from
our software to
clients. Alternatively, you can use
technology to improve automation,
enabling your firm to handle more
tool to enhance
work without raising rates (not to
productivity in
mention headcount).
a law firm en-
vironment”, Vice
Synergy Matters ... in One Sentence
President of Sa-
Launched this week, Legal Matters
les John Ryan
Software’s Synergy Matters is a
told us.
practice management system with
an emphasis on automation thanks
Other Notable
to tools for time capture, cost
recovery, document management,
When you create a new document
thus preserving all previous ver-
and faxing.
or email message from within a
matter, Synergy Matter automa-
The Killer Feature
tically saves it there. Thanks to an
What Else Should You Know?
Synergy Matters contains a num-
integration with Outlook, you can
Synergy Matters offers fax server
ber of technologies to prevent
save incoming email to a matter
when connected
lost billable time. For example, it
with one click.
to the optional Synergy Fax
automatically tracks the time you
Appliance. This enables everyone
spend on a matter
(e.g., draf-
Synergy Matters works with a
to send faxes from their PC.
ting documents, writing email
number of scanners, enabling
Synergy Matters automatically
messages, etc.). This eliminates
you to scan directly to a matter
saves a copy of each fax with proof
the need to use timers and other
in PDF format. Built-in OCR
of delivery in the corresponding
manual time-tracking methods.
software makes all scanned PDF
matter. You can route incoming
A review window lists all your
documents searchable. You’ll al-
faxes to individuals, groups, your
captured time by matter with a
so find tools for converting Word
records department, etc. Synergy
corresponding description. After
documents into PDF format, com-
Matters can automatically bill for all
(if required), you can post
bining multiple documents into a
incoming and outgoing faxes.
these time entries to any accoun-
single PDF document, and Bates
ting system.
stamping PDF documents.
Similarly, Synergy Matters, au-
The document management sys-
tomatically tracks your scans,
tem features collaborative tools
faxes, and prints. If you charge
and preservation of revisions.
for costs, Synergy Matters can
You can share a document with
automatically post these to your
anyone by clicking the
accounting system. If you don’t,
Review” button, which creates
Legal Matters Software Inc.
you can use this data to adjust
a link to the original document.
2217 Helgason Drive
your rates to make sure your
Synergy matters automatically
West Kelowna BC V4T 2W9
disbursements don’t eat into your
saves changes others make as
(855) 822-4567
a new version of the document,
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